ATTO Mobility Scooter

While the compact folded unit splits in two for easier transport, ATTO comes together to form a robust full-sized vehicle with the best balance and use of space.

multiple modes

ATTO's revolutionary mechanism allows it to fold to a trolley suitcase and be split into two lightweight parts

Drive Mode

62.2 lbs (28.2 KG) without battery

Trolley Mode

Compact trolley suitcase that can be taken with you on the train, on the plane or in the trunk in your car.

Split Mode

Two lightweight parts for easy lifting to your car trunk or up the stairs.


ATTO’s beauty is in the details, with standard features like a built-in USB charging port, deck storage and adjustable seat heights. It can also be customized with various accessories.


ATTO provides an unbeatable young and high-tech design.


Fully customized brushless, permanent magnet, DC motor


48 Volt lithium-ion battery – 10-mile (16-km) range on a 4- to 5-hour charge

Adjustable Seat

3 fixed heights ranging 22 to 24 inches (56 to 61 cm) from the ground. with special 4th seat height for kids


ATTO can be split into 2 lightweight parts which allows you to lift it with an ease.


ATTO can be easily folded into a trolley suitcase which you can carry with you on the train or plane.



Led Display

FDA Approved

CE & TUV Certified

All Seasons Compatible

Advanced Accessories

Here at Moving Life we are constantly innovating with new features and accessories that make your experience outstanding. Ask your local dealer for pricing and more information.

cane holders

Cane / Crutches Holders

ATTO's cane / crutches holders are designed to carry your canes / crutches with you wherever you go.


Foldable Armrests

ATTO's armrests provide extra comfort for your arms while driving around.

seat cushion

Seat Cushion

ATTO's seat cushion is a great solution for a comfortable continuous drive. Also available in red and blue.


Need more info? Please have a look at the specifications of the ATTO. For more information, visit the FAQ.


Safety Tests






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Moving Life is the developer, manufacturer and distributor of the revolutionary world-wide patented transfoldable mobility scooter - ATTO.
While the compact folded unit splits in 2 for easier transport, ATTO comes together to form a robust full-sized vehicle with the best balance use of space.
We are looking for dedicated mobility partners for distributing the ATTO.
If you believe that your clients deserve the best product and service, a life of freedom and independence - ATTO is the answer.

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ATTO Mobility Scooter

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