When it comes to folding, Atto is the most compact mobility scooter in the world. Nevertheless, when open and ready to drive, Atto is the largest and most comfortable in its category.

METRIC (cm)  Height  Length  Width
 Trolley mode  72  39  42
 Drive mode 90 120 56
IMPERIAL (inches)  Height  Length  Width
 Trolley mode 28  15.3  16.5
 Drive mode 35 47 22


Part Kg Lbs
Front half  12.0  26.4
Rear half  16.2 35.7
Assembled *  28.2 62.2
Battery 1.85  4.1
* Without battery    



Maximum user weight:
100 Kg
220 Lbs


Atto uses a powerful, yet compact advanced-technology lightweight 48 Volts lithium-ion battery. Weighing only 2 kg (4.4 lbs), the battery allows for more than 16 km (10 miles) of continuous driving while requiring only 4 hours (on average) to fully charge. As for charging options, you can charge Atto on-board and off-board, meaning that you can, but do not have to, take the battery off the vehicle in order to charge it. Removing the battery is as easy as pressing a button. Reinstalling the battery is as easy as putting it back in place.


While most countries allow a maximum speed of 6-7 km/h (about 4 mph), Atto can go up to 10 km/h (about 6 mph) depending on local regulations. Once the maximum speed has been set by a technician, it is very easy to set your current maximum speed with one of the presets by simply clicking a button and receiving feedback from Atto’s clear view display.

Information and specifications may change without prior notice.