About Us

Nino Rosenberg the founder of MovingLife and a polio victim himself developed the ATTO for a need.
As an entrepreneur Nino was traveling often and his day to day mobility limitation was not only frustrating but a real barrier. Nino was not willing to compromise with the current solutions in the market and wanted to have
something that will serve him in his busy schedule and innovative-non-stoppable mind.

Nino testifies: "The idea of ​​the product arose because of the frustration I felt every time I traveled and returned from abroad, and I had to wait for my scooter to get off the plane, so, I came up with a product that would be easy and foldable, one that would be able to enter the cabin and get off the plane with you”

ATTO - Movinglife's mobility scooter does not resemble anything else. Far from the sight of a heavy, clumsy
scooter, it looks more like a robotic, cool gadget, an innovative product that companies like Apple and others will choose to develop.

Apart from the issue of flights, the Atto is easily compatible for any vehicle, including mini cars and taxis.
Taxi drivers usually drive away when they see a passenger on a scooter ,the compact and easy folded ATTO no longer deters them.
Apart from its ideal functionality, ATTO’s unique design is also attractive and eye-catching.

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UK (020) 3769 7530
SG (53) 159 1348